Another Year Around the Sun

It’s day two if of a new year for me. I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my husband, and two flower deliveries. One from my son, and another from my husband. What a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you to Evelyn for being the delivery girl for Ash. What a nice surprise.

Then I got two birthday pies from my wonderful ma; pumpkin and lemon meringue. That’s on my to-do list today. I was too stuffed from P&T supper to fit any pie down the pie-hole.

I got texts from family and friends and that means a lot considering I’m still not on social media and birthdays especially make you feel special when your friends list do it up. Yup! I haven’t caved in yet. Even I’m surprised. I get inside scoops via screenshot texts and whatnot so really I’m not missing anything literally and figuratively.

Aside from all the birthday love, I made a point to see and connect with family; aunties, cousins and Soph. It was a real nice day with my G-Lo. I got some flowers, like I said, my son gave me $100 and bought supper, plus he bought me a bottle of my favorite perfume. The hubs and I picked out a new freezer for the home and we organized our freezer. Good stuff. I also did laundry because that never ends, even on my birthday. Overall, it was a great and wonderful start to a new year! I’m excited for what this year holds.

“I don’t chase. I attract. What is meant for me will simply find me.”


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