I Deactivated Facebook

I deactivated Facebook. I deleted my Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter accounts, too. No worries, I’m thinking the same thing. Why?!

Maybe it’s a midlife crisis? Maybe I went too far in my quest to declutter? Who knows? What I do know is it’s been challenging. Challenging in that it is an addiction.

Wake up, check Facebook. Have a coffee, check Facebook. Need to put off a task, check Facebook. Need to wait for supper to cook, check Facebook. Need to pretend you’re important, check Facebook. Need to act like you care, check Facebook. Get in to bed, check Facebook. Can’t sleep, check Facebook.

It’s endless and exhausting. It’s such a time waster of life and that’s time I’ll never get back. Sadly, even when my kids try to talk to me, I will finish my Facebooking before giving them my full attention. Even then, I don’t think it’s my “full attention”. Half-assed maybe. To me, that’s time we can’t get back and what kind of message was that to them? Such a sad a reality to face.

I went to Grande Prairie on a whim. I left Friday afternoon, picked up my girl on the way and jetted on. It was nice to get away. I realized how nice it is to not be distracted during time with my girl. We shopped, ate, listened to music, but more importantly, we talked. Conversation with anyone, especially young adults, is hard to come by these days so it was nice to connect with her. Life is too short and we often take so much of it for granted.

Without social media, I’ve had to fill my time with other things which is hard when you usually filled it with Facebook. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not much of a socializer, not much a “peopley-person”, and really just like biding my time at home. I’ve listened to more audiobooks, podcasts and watched more Netflix than any other time in my life. I finished my second full audiobook, Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime and I highly recommend it.

This Sunday, since the hubs didn’t have to work, we stopped by our cabin and then went for a walk. We took the dogs and started walking down a cutline at my family’s trapline. It was nice to be outside, no social media – just us and nature. Plus our dogs were loving it too. We surely don’t do that enough and I appreciate quality time with my hubs. He’s the best husband a girl could ask for.

So with that all being said, it’s day 4 of no Facebook and here I am. Music playing, sun shining, I have some appointments to tend to and then I get to see my son from days off of work. Fall is my favorite time of year. Life is good but even better without social media occupying my time and attention.


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