Move #2

Long time no blog! I hope this post finds you happy and healthy.

I know, I know, it’s long overdue. If it was a book from the library, I’d have to just purchase it. That overdue.

I find myself in Fort St. John. Again. Earlier in the year we came here for a visit and ended up deciding we were going to give it a go and move here. It wasn’t really planned and even though we settled, we decided as a family it was best to go back home. It was humbling and stressful but growth and learning, too.

Fast forward to today. I’m on week two at my job with a great employer and fun and supportive coworkers in a new town. It’s crazy how things work out and my previous job was still available. I can’t help it was just meant to be. It sucks, though, that we’re all scattered but in time we will be together again and making new memories together.

When our daughter left to college, I realized there wasn’t really much keeping us in Fort Nelson. Our kids have grown; they’re moving onward and upward and soon will start their own lives independently of us. That’s hard and scary, for them and us. Nothing has been easy. It’s just made it easier because we’re sober parents, can talk things out and deal with issues as they arise. As the kids stretch their wings, I started to realize that my husband and my lives are changing too. We need to find our own paths again, separate of dependents and with that, change comes.

As hard as these decisions have been for us, I’ve had to find it in my heart to trust what’s happening and believe in the good that will come from it. It’s new, challenging, hard, exciting and unbelievable. I know some people doubt the move, “oh she will be back” and yeah, maybe. It is home after all, but I also believe that home is where we are together. It doesn’t have to be a set place. Home is memories, that’s it. It’s familiarity. We can make a new place and space familiar, too. We can always visit the memories, no matter where we are.

I have so much more to say but it’s late and I should be getting ready for bed. My alarm going off repeatedly comes early.

Hopefully there will be another post before 2019 ends. Ha!

Love and kindness always,