What Do I Have to Say These Days?

So many things that I forgot all of them. I often think of something I’m passionate about or that I feel is worth writing about then don’t because “I’ll do it later”, and end up not writing and here I am, still nothing.

I guess deep down I have so much to say that it can’t come out? Who knows? I’m here now, though. I’m just writing because it’s healing to me and helps me sort through things that need sorting and other times I just write because it makes me happy. Like today. I feel good this morning.

I woke up early, made my coffee, lit my smudge and said a prayer. I managed that much with two dogs running amok and at my ankles. I need more smudge and prayer in my life, especially with these two ~ Jonni and Cash. I sure love them although they drive me crazy at the same time.

Pretty much sums them up every day.

It’s 7AM and it’s almost time to wake up the kids for school. I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions around our son is graduating and soon leaving the nest, and I’m anxious about his leaving. On the opposite side of that, when both kids have left the nest, I think that’s when our lives will really begin, as two adults, husband and wife, with no kids in the house. What does that look like? What will we do with all our time? See? It’s scary, weird and exciting, I think? Who knows? Maybe I have a complete meltdown and midlife crisis and move to be with them? Maybe you could watch said meltdown unfold right here! Only time will tell.

So, it’s the end of February and I’m still unemployed, taking things day by day. You’d think all I would be doing is writing with all my free time but I’m just taking each day as it comes, focusing on myself and all that’s inside, letting go of things that no longer serve me a purpose. I’ve been reading, playing solitaire, seeing the people I need to see, helping friends, and keeping the house afloat, while the hubs works and the kids go to school.

I’m also off to see Tony Robbins very soon with my aunt and I’m excited about that. I set a goal, added him to my bucket list and boom, here it is! Isn’t that awesome? I think so.

So I didn’t say much, nothing that’ll blow your mind anyway, but I wrote and that’s what matters. Writing makes me happy. I choose to be happy.

Have a good day.

PS ~ It’s almost time to wake up the kids. *insert audible groan here*